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Identifying and Addressing Fears in Toxic Relationship - Digital Workbook

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Let's face it....we were not created to live on an island or to be isolated from other individuals. We were born into this world with a need to develop relationships. This innate need to develop secure attachments are often disrupted during infancy and childhood. This disruption causes long-term effects that impacts our personal and professional relationships. The long-term effects of toxic relationships impacts our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

In this workbook, you will have the opportunity to explore the seven deadly fears that are developed throughout the lifespan. Explore the development of these fears as you begin to identify specific areas of your life that has been impacted. Learn how you can begin the process of overcoming these deadly fears to live a more fulfilling life!


Fear #1 "The Fear of Being Alone" The fear of being ignored, left alone, and the perceived notion of being unimportant can be at the core fear of many close relationships. Learn how this fear can be foundational root of many dysfunctional relationships.

Fear #2 - "The Fear of Making Connections"Have you ever been overwhelmed by the fear of becoming too close to others or felt uncomfortable when people share intimate details of their life? Learn how previously frightening and painful experiences has an impact on the ability to make emotional connections with others. Explore how life experiences can influence the feeling that the odds of developing healthy relationships are stacked against you.

Fear #3 - "The Fear of Abandonment"Have you ever experienced the feeling that the world is undependable, and that people are unreliable. Some individuals live in constant fear of emotional abandonment which results in becoming clingy, dependent, or overly independent. Learn more about how this fear influences behavioral tendencies in personal and professional relationships.

Fear #4 - "The Fear of Self-Advocacy "Have you allowed your fear of rejection to create a fear of setting and enforcing boundaries? Have you experienced punishment for self-expression that influences your inability to express your needs in your relationships? You could very well be one of those individuals who has allowed your fears to influence your approach to life. Explore how the development of a passive-aggressive interaction with others has stopped many individuals from developing healthy relationships in life.

Fear #5 - "The Fear of Being Invisible"Have you ever sat in a room filled with people, yet feel invisible? Those who do not get acceptance, confirmation, or validation from relationships often feels as if they are not recognized or validated as an important entity in their personal and/or professional relationships. Explore the basis of this core fear resulting in the feeling of not being respected or loved for being one's authentic self.

Fear #6 - "The Fear of Competitive Relationships "Have you ever been in love-hate relationship with an individual who prompted you to feel as if you had to compete for some level of love, affection, or attention. Rollercoaster relationships can leave one feeling as if they have loved and lost, tried, and failed, succeeded but with the attachment of the fear of guilt or retaliation. Explore how these unhealthy competitive experiences can leave one feeling stagnant in their ability to find fulfillment in relationships.

Fear #7 - "The Fear of Being Fully Alive" Have you noticed that you have worked hard for so long that life seemed to have passed you by? The demands of life can conflict with the ability to live life to the fullest. Learn how being "mature" or "responsible" can prompt the belief that one must curtail their enjoyment to meet the demands or expectations set out be the set out be the world.

Other therapeutic worksheets will help you to:

- Define your F.E.A.R

- Determine the Elements of F.E.A.R

- Designing a 'Roadmap to Overcoming Your F.E.A.R'

- Setting Boundaries

- Identifying Personal Motivation to Change

- Identifying Personal Ambivalence to Change

- Exploring Acceptance to Promote Change

- Overcoming Worry as a Barrier to Change

156 pages of opportunity to reflect and learn about yourself and so much more....