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Identifying and Addressing the Fear of Abandonment - Video

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 Have you ever experienced the feeling that the world is undependable, and that people are unreliable. Some individuals live in constant fear of emotional abandonment which results in becoming clingy, dependent, or overly independent. Learn more about how this fear influences behavioral tendencies in personal and professional relationships.


In this webinar video, you can:

- Learn the principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) and its' relationship to        F.E.A.R

- Learn the defining characteristics of the fear of abandonment.

- Learn the importance of exploring the role of selfishness, self-centeredness, and self/other respecting in confronting the fear of abandonment.

- Learn the signs of the fear of abandonment influencing toxic relationships. 

- Learn the impact of the fear of abandonment in your relationships.

- Learn how to support those with the fear of abandonment.